Ronda no Bairro – Round the Town – Security closer to youGovernment of Amazonas

Ronda no Bairro

Round the Town – Security closer to youGovernment of Amazonas

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The application in Ronda Town aims to bring citizens closer to the police, allowing the phone’s location direct car that meets your locality. The location can be taken by GPS mobile device, by moving the map, or, in the case of no communication over the Internet or GPS location through manual query. The service is offered by the Government of Amazonas. At the moment the app only includes the city of Manaus. In other counties soon will be served.

To view the map you need internet access WiFi or 3G, and GPS. Enable GPS and location services on your phone. If the GPS and the internet access is not available, the application will run in “offline” mode.

Attention! It is necessary that the cell has at least version 2.2 of Android.

In case of problems check the following items:
– Upgrade the version of Google Play on your mobile. If not updated the maps do not work.
– Check if the “location by network” is enabled in the phone settings. If not, enable.
– Activate the GPS location.

For more information about GPS location and clarification of doubts, visit this link:

Round the Town – Disk Ronda – Ronda Dial
Security closer to you
Government of Amazonas
Creating Opportunities

Download apk file for your android phone:


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