Check Me In – Never forget a Swarm checkin with Check Me In!

Check Me In

Never forget a Swarm checkin with Check Me In!

Check Me In screenshot 0Check Me In screenshot 1Check Me In screenshot 2

Isn’t it disappointing to lose your Foursquare mayorship because you sometimes forget to check in at places you visit regularly?
Let’s make an end to that with auto check-ins!

This app automatically checks you in when you are in the neighbourhood of places you’ve chosen.
It’s easy to configure and above all: it doesn’t drain your battery.
State of the art technology is used to reduce the amount of battery power needed to know your location.

Vote for new features here:

1) add locations to track
2) configure the checkin radius and check-in delay time
3) save, and done! You will be checked in automatically from now on once you are within the check-in radius for the given amount of time.

Double checkins are avoided, when you stay at the same location for a longer time, we will check you in again, but only after 20 hours. (you only need 1 checkin/day for your mayorship)

The official Foursquare app is required on your device (authentication).
Some graphics are property of Foursquare (see

What if you’re not checked in:
– Don’t force quit the app (swiping it out in the app switcher), if you do, it won’t be able to locate you.
– check if location tracking with google play services is enabled on your phone, the app will not work if you turn them off!
– check if your sensors (gps, wifi) are enabled
– set a bigger checkin radius or lower check-in delay (you have to stay within this radius for the given amount of time, every time you go out of the radius, the timers are reset)
– Every time the app is opened, some checks are done that might reset the timers, be aware of this while configuring your venues!
– Someone reported that reinstalling the app also might do the trick, weird, but it doesn’t hurt to try it.

All data that’s needed for the app to work is stored locally on your device.
The only thing that is tracked, are the app crashes and amount of checkins to make sure the app is still working on every device. This is an anonymous process.

This app comes as is, with no guarantees.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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