Erta App – App Erta your vehicle is stolen

Erta App

App Erta your vehicle is stolen

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App Erta its overall objective is to help the community to report and / or recover vehicle thefts within the Chilean territory, through the same application users.

In addition users can be reporters in the field, working closely with the Carabineros, helping to reduce vehicle theft and armed robbery parked.

The application has four sections, the first is “I stole the car”, in this section you must enter the general data of the vehicle and its owner, indicating the exact location of the robbery, images, and details that the owner considers relevant . The information displayed in the map section of the robbery, and sent to members of the Carabineros and application.

The second section is “Map of theft” in this section can identify stolen vehicles uploaded by users in different parts of the country. Through the red dots on the map you can obtain information on stolen vehicles, Blue dots identify the vehicles found in the App users Through this section you can gain clarity points higher rate of theft.

The third, “Patent consult” through this section you can enter the patent and whether the vehicle has theft charge. The information is accurate and updated directly from the database SEBV (Section Custom Search vehicles and Carabineros de Chile). In the event that the vehicle has theft charge, the user can inform the community, through the form, location, pictures, and details of the vehicle. The information appears on the map Robbery APP.

Thanks to Carabineros de Chile

See detail information and download apk file:


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