Minsk METRO – Minsk METRO: not only lines and stations!


Minsk METRO: not only lines and stations!

Minsk METRO screenshot 0Minsk METRO screenshot 1Minsk METRO screenshot 2Minsk METRO screenshot 3Minsk METRO screenshot 4Minsk METRO screenshot 5

Minsk metro. App will introduce you to Minsk Undeground and will:
– tell you about names of stations (and its transcription)
– show you photos of stations
– show you official scheme of Minsk Metro
– show you GPS-location of every station on Google-map
– say belarussian pronunciation of every station (you can hear this voice in the trains)
– find you by GPS and tell you how to find the nearest station
– choose Belarussian Language, if you want 🙂
– will give a posibility to pay for e-ticket
——–also in future:———-
– show you the nearest trains (time to departure)
– give the cue what is nearby this station
– give an advice how to use Minsk Metro for beginners
– tell you history of MM
Enjoy 🙂
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Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com


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