Check-in for Good – Download Check-in for Good for free now to start doing good with your actions.

Check-in for Good

Download Check-in for Good for free now to start doing good with your actions.

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Check-in for Good is a free crowdfunding app that turns your everyday actions into donations for the causes you care about!

-Create your own campaign. Your cause can be anything you need to raise money for!
-Encourage businesses, friends and social networks to give to your cause
-Update supporters on your progress with photos and video

Do you need to raise money? Start your own campaign. Name it, set goals, add photos and video and start sharing to receive support and build loyalty with cause marketing.

Make events to encourage people to give! Donate your birthday, a wedding or a holiday to raise money for something you care about.

It’s like 4square or Facebook Places for charitable giving! Download Check-in for Good now to start doing good with your check ins.

For businesses/ organizations:
* Raise money for a cause you care about by checking in at a participating business (By checking in at businesses you frequent you raise money and receive exclusive deals) 

* Share your check ins on Facebook & Twitter to be recognized for doing good and promote a great cause.

How it works:
Pick a cause, visit a business supporting that cause, check in, they donate, you share, your cause receives a donation, everyone wins.

*Whether you are an organization or individual Check-in for Good is tailored to help you support the causes you care about by making fundraising easy. 
What else you can do:
Search for businesses in your area that are supporting causes and doing good. (With hours of operation, “map it” feature, exclusive offers and more).

Receive exclusive offers from participating businesses when you check in.
Browse a list of causes, choose as few or as many as you want to support or add your own cause.
Choose to see the businesses that are supporting your causes.
Privacy settings are available (i.e. delayed check in notifications).
No personal information is shared about you at any time.
It’s Free!!! – You will never pay anything to use the application!
Just check in and enjoy doing good at no cost to you.

Do good by helping the businesses and causes that you love

Causes of all types and sizes can benefit – You can use it for your next fundraiser. 

Download the app today!

See detail information and download apk file:


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