LookMe – New relationship between the people!


New relationship between the people!

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New relationship between the people!
Scope: family, male and female friends, and so on … there can be mutual trust relationship or items

LookMe as the name says, look at me!
On this basis, the concept of which began to develop their applications.

Main services:
★ personal use can record their own journey, in exceptional circumstances, also learned that the phone is available via phone or website.
★ concern for the elderly or special needs of users (prevention of stray or dangerous)
★ can share your location with friends. Trips together wandered off when you do not have to worry about getting lost.

Product Features:
Upload your location via the network to the cloud (lookme.club.tw) record keeping and processing

The software area is divided into two parts APP and website

APP is a major operation program
Responsible for the collection of personal account registration and information
As well as my friends feature
The APP program instructions please see:

Part of the site
Please use the APP use registration account and password login
Function query contains personal location information and notes
And my friends location query

Site location:

1. GPS positioning or 3G location-based services are possible due to a variety of factors led to the position of error
Please users in particular, so as not to lead to unnecessary misunderstanding.

2. Positioning return frequency will affect the level of consumption of the mobile device
Please do return frequency settings according to their own habits

3. Will continue, as the software belongs in the background of the operating system services operation
Because if used to clear the memory or speed up the mobile phone operation software
Please remember that the software is the exception (not clear)
To prevent the program from time to time can not return

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com


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