Day: February 21, 2013

Gay Coming Out – Gay Coming Out: The first interactive application accompaniment Coming Out!

Gay Coming Out

Gay Coming Out: The first interactive application accompaniment Coming Out!

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Do you think your coming out? You are worried, you say that there are risks?
Friends, the prevailing discourse, make you free yourself of this weight and take your homosexuality?
But it really is your situation? Is this a good time for you? What can it happen after? That you may suddenly change to the image that your near you?

Gay Coming Out: The only application that analyzes your situation and answer all your questions, provide appropriate responses, objective and assist you at every moment in your approach. No more platitudes that can be read here and there on Coming Out!

For two years the members have collected hundreds of testimonies from people who made their coming out, it is good and sometimes very wrong. Our programmers have developed a real time artificial intelligence that goes through 50 questions analyze your personal situation with themes such as family background, homophobia, financial independence, emotional stability …

Clear graphics generated by your answers will make you aware of your situation: overall risk, material, psychological or related to your environment. Your personal situation you are then fully explained and all advice is offered.

The application will expose the different methods, strategies and supports to achieve your coming out. It helps you determine the best means of communication and the most appropriate in your case.
Who to start? Adopt what form? The direct verbal announcement? The letter? The mail or even social networks? How to practice? Practical advice tailored to your personality.

But beyond helping you manage the reactions of those around you.
The 10 most common reactions are studied: the deafening silence, denial and negation, choice theory, parental guilt, the psychiatrist, the attempt to blame the call to religion, vulgarity and references to sexuality, anger and violence, positive reaction.

The application determines the most probable reactions according to your own context.
Facing each reaction, not to remain voiceless, the application gives you something to react by proposing several possible answers, with different formulations.
A special point is made on the psychology and parental expectations, and a special section is devoted to bisexuality.

The application prompts you to ask the right questions before acting with you.

This is a true Practical Guide After Coming Out!
It helps you manage your Suites coming out: broken relationships, material insecurity, making the street acceptance or accession parental relapse always possible …

Finally, you are with what happens after you come out with the help of two practical sections.

Your Rights section informs you of your rights and give you tips for asserting: I’m on the street, what to do? How not to fall into poverty? How to enforce the support obligation (art.371-2 of the Civil Code)? How to get a student allowance or social priority in university housing? How to defend against discrimination at work due to your coming out?

Practical information section will guide you to find practical support and assistance with lines eavesdropping, associations, doctors and psychologists gay, you support: contact, phones, addresses, websites, chats online listening and schedules permanence.

Last point: the application is 100% confidential. No network connection is required and no personal data is sent. All treatments are performed by the application.

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