Day: September 30, 2011

Bar Napkin QR Code – Store your phone number in a QR code for easy sharing.

Bar Napkin QR Code

Store your phone number in a QR code for easy sharing.

Bar Napkin QR Code screenshot 0Bar Napkin QR Code screenshot 1

Give out your phone number using a QR code on your phone. This user generated QR bar code holds only your first name and cell phone number. When another person scans your bar code your first name and number are transferred to their phone. You no longer have to wait for the bartender to give you a napkin and pen.

Use this app when having drinks or cocktails at the bar or pub, going out to the club dancing, college party, socializing during happy hour or any other spot where you want to pickup the opposite sex (men or women).

This app could help find your next boyfriend, girlfriend, love, partner, bachelor, bachelorette, husband, wife, dating relationship, man, woman, hookup, romance, lover or fling.

Make sure to share this app with your group of friends before heading out on the town to meet the gentlemen or sexy single ladies. Use the share button to send on Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

Detail information and download apk file for android: